I am a wife of 20 years to a wonderful man. I have two teenage boys who are making a mommy proud. One is a Landscaper and the youngest is in band. I am a mom to three doggies Lacy,Oliver and Gabby.  Lacy is a Boston Terrier who is now 10 years young. Oliver and Gabby are Teacup Chihuahuas and are 2 and 1 years young.My Husband owns a monument company and I try to help. I’m learning as I go. He has been doing it for 20 years and I have only been doing it 3 years. I have currently started doing freebies and samples. I can’t believe the things you can get doing samples and freebies. It is amazing! I have got some high dollar item for absolutely nothing, but a review. I started a blog and YouTube channel for reviews. I am still learning as I go and try my best to get better. I add links and info on where to get the items so you can get them to. I throw in DIY’s  and things from time to time. It’s things that has made my life cheaper and easier. I hope this Blog helps in some way.




buzzoole code
buzzoole code

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