Swimming Glasses


Let me explain the 4 star review. It would have been 5 if they weren’t as hard to adjust as they are. I have smaller fingers and simply could not reach between the frame of the goggles unstuck the strap to adjust them when it stuck on me.


These goggles are great other wise. They have an awesome UV and anti-fog coating on the lenses. They not only work as wonderful sunglasses that wont fog up they have a very attractive mirror type silver lens in the sun.


They also have a gap cut out in the head strap that works to hold on your head better. They come with extra nose pieces as well to adjust the size of the nose bridge. Honestly I would say anyone from age 9 up to a large adult male head would be able to wear these comfortably.


They have a design that lets you see beside you without turning your head like in most goggles. You have clear side vision in them. My boys which are rough teenagers took these to the river and they came back without a scratch on them. They also come in a reusable plastic case. Be sure they are dry before storing though. They do get suction on your face and the best way to remove is from the outside corners of the lenses. Pull away from eyes while moving them up toward your forehead. This will break the suction and be easy to remove them. I did receive these goggles at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.

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