Swimming Glasses for Men

    I have ordered a bunch of goggles in the past little while for my kids and their friends that stay at my house. I found that this set is by far my favorite set yet. I will compare to explain what I love about this set.
   This set has a split in the back of the head elastic to prevent slipping or rolling up. It keeps them in place while you swim and rough house in the water.
     I also love the anti UV and anti fog coating on the lenses. One set didn’t have this and the UV coating keep glares out and helps prevent sun headaches. They also look like sunglasses lenses which makes them more attractive. These are also scratch resistant. They do work to we took them to the river and played all day and they came back like new.
These are also the easiest pair to adjust for me. My son could adjust another pair easier, but these worked perfectly for me.
   I also loved that they are not bulky like one of the other pairs I ordered. They have a nice slim design. I like that you can see out of the sides on these without having to turn to look. This set came with multiple nose pieces to change according to the bridge size of your nose.
    They come with a reusable plastic case as well. Just be sure to let them dry completely before storing in the case. I did receive these goggles at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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