Goldenseller Mp3 / mp4 Player / with 32GB Micro SD Card

    This MP3 player has no built-in memory, but includes a 32 GB SD Card. 32 GB holds a lot of music. I have downloaded 96 songs on it already and it still has plenty of room in it for more.
    This Mp3 player is super simple to use once you get use to pressing the menu button instead of center button to make your choices. It has Video (AMV) / Music (MP3) / Pictures (JPG, BMP) / Ebooks (TXT) / Voice Recorder and FM radio on it. It also has multiple language settings Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Swedish,Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian.
    When I got it it had everything included and was fully charged for out of the box use. It came with SD card in place, charge/sync cord, earbuds and the player. As usual I don’t prefer the earbuds as they are basic and big. I like bass boost with equalizer earbuds and I have small ears. These would fit most ears though.
The buttons are easy pushed like stated. They do stick up from the player. Them being raised buttons makes it easier to hit by mistake if it’s in your pocket.I like them raised, because I have long finger nails and flat or sunk buttons are hard to press sometimes.
The FM radio comes in great and I live kinda in the boonies. all and all I am very happy with this little player.
I did receive it at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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