Swimming Glassess

     I ordered a bunch of goggles so I am going to compare them to review this pair. This set of goggles has something most don’t have. On the back head strap it has small soft nubs to hold them in place on your head better. This not only keeps them in place but prevents them from loosing suction and letting water in.
   These goggles have something some goggles that are basic style doesn’t have. They have a button on the side that allows you to adjust them super easily while wearing them. It is easy enough a child can do on their own.
    These goggles unlike some of the others I ordered fit a wide range of faces. They would fit from young child around eight or nine up to a large adult males face. They do get great suction and like the others I ordered I figured out the easiest way to remove was to stick your finger in the side to release suction and then pull up on your head.
    Unlike the others I ordered these are not tinted. These are clear and allow you to see clearly under water, however do not protect from suns rays. These are a very sturdy basic lens one piece goggle that has suction all the way around. They also come in a great storage case to protect them when not in use.
I did receive this set of goggles at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.

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