Fluent Water Sports swim cap

Swimmnig Hat for Unisex Solf Silicone Cover Ears Keep Hair Dry Forever for Women and Men Long Hair Comfortable Fit Multi-Color Rainbow MC602

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I have to say I am impressed by this swim cap. Usually they break, however this one stays strong and doesn’t stretch out. It always goes back to its original shape and size. I tested it by putting on different people with different sized heads.


We had it out in direct sunlight on a table and it didn’t fade or stick to the table.

We had fun with this review!!!


It does pinch your head just a bit if not put on properly which all do. The proper way is to be sure the seem line when folded is rite down the center of the head. In order to put it on easier we found it is best to put water in the swim cap and then place on your head. If you don’t mind your hair getting wet if you do we found out that putting the cap on with your head downward helps hold your hair in place. This makes it easier to put on without having hair sticking out the rim of the cap.

YouTube video on how to do it with water


The colors are bright and fade into each other very nicely. This swim cap fits from about nine year old up to large male adult heads.


I did receive this swim cap at a reduced rate for my honest and unbiased review of it. These are my own thoughts and opinions on the swim cap.


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