Sound Intone Headphones

   When I ordered these I figured they would hurt my ears just a little bit on the cartilage like some do due to my piercings and the pressure on them. I just finished gauging three holes on them when I received the headphones. I have to admit even with the fresh stretch they don’t bother me one little bit.
    They sit very comfy on my ears. no, they don’t wrap around my ears they sit on them. They fit all my devices and work great with my phone, MP3, MP4, Tablet and computer. They have great sound as well.
    I absolutely love the equalizer on them. I tested them out with music like Talk dirty tome, P.I.M.P, Low and Sexy Back. I was very pleased at the bass/ treble mix with the equalizer. They sound very nice.
    They will fit heads from about eleven up to adult male and be comfortable and fit without sliding around on the head.
    They are a slick design with a nice combo of shiny black and polished tone gold. I like that they fold up for storage. They take up less room and the speakers are less likely to get damaged.
    The volume slide and talk button are easy to slide and press. They don’t stick and are located in a great place on the wire to prevent accidental pressing. They work great on my phone and the one I am talking to can hear me great. No tunnel or static noises at all. The cord is long enough to move around a bit as well.

Great features like
Adjustable & Fold-able for easily carrying, Comfortable & lightweight for long wearing, In-Line Control & Mic for hands-free calling.

Electrical Specification:

Driver : 40mm

Directivity: Omni-directional

Sensitivity: 103dB+-3dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz

Impendance: 32+-15%

Plug: 3.5mm

Cord Length: 1.5m

I did receive this headset from Honstek at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.

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