2 Pack Led Lantern/Flashlights

                                   Camping Lantern 2 Pack Led Lantern Mini LED camping lights flashlights,Collapsible Portable Waterproof Tent Light Emergency light (Green&Orange) By LighTouch
       The lights are 2 inches tall when collapsed and 3.5 inches diameter. They weigh only 4 ounces. They are made of ABS material with rubber oil sprayed on the led lantern surface and is engineered to be water resistant. One side is has a handle to Cary or clip to your backpack.
     They can be a led lantern when lifted and a bright flashlight when completely collapsed. The lights have three illumination modes bright light, Dim light and FLASH mode. Bright light 30 lumen and will light for up to 15 hours in average(upon different battery quality), 15 lumen weak light for up to 30 hours in average, 23 hours in strobe. 6 AA batteries are included and already in place.Just remove the plastic piece to get connection and start using.
These lights are great for Hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, sailing, rescue, writing, reading at night. Camping lanterns are stable and safe in cloudy, fog and haze, rain, sand and dust storms.

Features of this camping lantern
Battery: 3 AA batteries (Batteries included)
Material: ABS plastics/Rubber paint/waterproof coating
Light Bulb: LED
Lighting time: 15 hours

How to expand the camping light:
1.To make the side with holder up
2.Rotating the upper of the camping lantern cover anticlockwise
3.The spring with rain cover is open,the camping light is expanding

How to open the battery cover of the camping light:
1.To make the side with holder up
2.Hold the red/green part,rotating the upper of the camping lantern cover anticlockwise
3.Put 3 AA batteries in the slot of the camping lights.When you receive the goods,pls open the bottom and take out block glass.In order to protect the safety of battery,we attach the block glass.Then the camping light can work well.

2 x LED Camping Lantern
6 x AA batteries

Now my thoughts on the lanterns

     I honestly was not expecting to get this light and it work as great as it does. We have been having pretty bad storms where I live and I have been placing the lanterns in the bathrooms while our power is out. I had touch lights in there before. These are way brighter than the touch lights on dim and I can see great.
     It is very easy to get into the battery compartment. The pop up compartment opens easy, however does take a little bit of pressure to mash close and turn. It would not be hard for an adult without any hand issues. If someone has arthritis or be a kid I could see them having trouble closing the lantern back up.
      The plastic handle is sturdy and would hold up great clipped to your hunting or camping gear. You can use any brand of batteries in the lanterns, however I would suggest duracell or energizer. These would be great to keep in the car for emergency use as well.

I did receive the lanterns at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them. These are my thoughts and I am happy with my purchase.


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