NKTM Tree Hammock Straps


These straps hold up to 1200 KG which is 2645.547 pounds. They weigh 210 G which is 7.40753 OZ. The package includes Includes 2 Hammock Straps and Carrying Bag. The straps are guaranteed to safely hold up to 264 lbs. and was tested to hold over 550 lbs. My son weighs 240 pounds and our hammock supported him perfectly with these straps. These are very strong well made double stitched straps that are going to hold and not break. They are great to pack in a backpack while hiking or camping, because they really are super light weight.

Simply wrap the end with the single loop around a tree/support and thread the other end through the single loop and pull tight, repeat this on another tree/support about 12-15 feet away. Clip a carabiner from one side into one of the loops on the daisy-chain side of the strap, repeat for the other side of the hammock. Move the carabiners up or down the daisy chain until it is adjusted to a desired height. Enjoy your nap

I on the other hand hung a hammock from my back porch. I wrapped the straps around the beams under my porch and clipped the hammock on. I then just tied the excess of strap around the ends of the hammock to keep off the ground. The straps have sections in it that make it adjustable in height so it worked perfect under my back porch. It took me about 10 minutes to unpack the straps and hammock and completely install.

Material:1000D High-strength polyester yarn
Stretch force:1200kg

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I did receive these straps at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. Honestly I am very happy with these straps and feel very safe in my hammock.


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