Homitt Marshmallow and Wiennie Roasting Sticks

  I ordered these the telescopic forks to use when the kids want to roast wienies and marshmallows on a fire. These are great for that, because they stretch out to be long enough not to get burnt holding them. When not in use they slide back down to a smaller size to store away until next use. They are 32 inch Extended and 11.8 shortened.
    I know these say blunt enough not to hurt, but please use your common sense with kids. They are sharp enough to poke and pierce food they will hurt your kid. Also be aware they are metal and the metal part does get hot after being held over a flame. Also these will have to be washed after every use or could cause you to get ill from past food being left on it.
   These do work perfectly and are nice and sturdy. My bag to hold them was not so lucky. All the stitching came loose and the forks fell out on first use. which I just plan on sewing it back. No big deal to me really.
  Also one of the prong covers had no end on it and was slid back on the prong due to the prong poking through it during packaging. I know this didn’t happen during shipping because the box is perfectly fine. Like I said before they are sharp and come to a point.
I did receive these forks at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and this is it.

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