TXDUE 3D VR Glasses

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  ***  This device is compatible with most smartphones between 4 and 6.5 inches (no bigger than 175×88 mm). This is an entry level VR headset. Keep in mind you have to use two apps in order to use with google cardboard on android devices.***
    This is an awesome gadget. I have absolutely loved using it. The best google download I have found so far is Dead Zombies Survival VR. I have also use the roller coaster apps and the haunted house apps. All of them has been very nice graphics and quality with this headset. I love the 360 degree angle and how comfortable this VR headset is with the sponge cushion eye piece and the adjustable elastic head strap.
    This set is super easy to use and figure out. I had never used a VR headset before and pulled it out of the box and started using it. It fits from about age 9 up to a large adult males head very comfortably.
    I have been using a LG Tribute 5/ LG K7 with a thick shock absorbency case on it in this headset. The snap closure on the headset closes very firmly and has not popped open on me the first time.
    I did notice that the viewer insert does not hold into place in the prongs well. It will stay fine if held into position until phone is added then closed in a facing upward position. Everything is very well made on this headset and it should last a long time if cared for and used properly.
Here are some of their other products on Amazon
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
I did receive this headset at a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of it.

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