AGPtEK 8PCS Cable Clips

Product Details
    I ordered these thinking of my messy cord covered dresser. My cords get tangled and some fall behind the dresser all the time. When I received them I applied them to my dresser and they have now been there about a week. They are still in place and holding very nicely. My cords have stayed in place as well. I haven’t had to go digging for dropped cords and it has been very nice.
   These are very easy to apply and use. There are 3m adhesive on the back. You just pull the film off and stick in place where you want it. To place the cords just hold cord in front and back of the cord clip and press downward. I found that they will hold two regular sized phone cords in each section.
   The package Included: 4* Black Cable Clips and 4*White Cable Clips. Each clip has 3* slots in it. That is enough to organize a whole work area. In order to remove the clips just pull upward. The 3M adhesive on the back is fine on all most all surfaces and will not leave a residue or pull off paint or surface.
I did recieve the clips at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.

color: Black & White
Size: 1.38inches in diameter
Material: TPR+ 3M Back-Adhesive

Package Included:
4* Black Cable Clips
4*White Cable Clips


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