AGPtEK 8GB Swimming Waterproof MP3

Product Details
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    Okay so, I have had this MP3 player submerged in water three times and it is still working perfectly. I also submerged the sport ear buds in water and they are still working perfectly. Grant you the earbuds don’t have the sound quality of a high dollar set, however they are waterproof and can be used while swimming, mudding, sweating or what ever. The earbuds work as earplugs as well.
You also get regular earbuds with the player. Not the best quality sound. You can charge the MP3 player on your computer, wall charger or car charger with the cord provided. The MP3 player is very easy to use.
   You have a power button, a repeat button and volume up and down. The volume buttons you have to hold in to change volume and mash once to change the songs. The MP3 player had a nice and sturdy clip with a strong spring in it. It holds in place very nicely.
Is it worth the price? Yes it is.
Does it work properly? Yes it does.
Would I purchase again? Yes I would.
I did receive this player at a reduced rate for my honest and unbiased review of it.

What’s Included:
1*Waterproof MP3 player
1*USB cable
1*Waterproof Earphone
1*sports headphones

1.Please do not connect with PC or computer and charge the MP3 when it is wet
2.Swimming with caps can avoid waterproof headphones off
3.Please rinse with clear water After seawater immersion to avoid the rust of the port
4.After use, shake and blow off the surface water on the earphone or use a soft absorbent cloth to dry it

Product specification
Color: Blue
Body size :3.85* 0.9* 0.9in
mp3 weight :0.67oz
Packaging dimensions : 5.43 * 3.89* 1.25in
Packing weight: 4.23oz
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 220 mAh,12 hours of battery life ,about 2 hours Charging time


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