This case has a soft rubber flexible shell that has soft smooth molded holes for the camera and plug ports. The plug port holes are large enough to use any sized charger or earbud in without causing any issues. The soft shell case also has molded sunk in octagon shapes in the inside for extra shock absorbency and to keep it from stealing the battery cover while removing the phone from the case. The soft shell also lips over the front edge of the phone to have shock absorbency for screen landings in case of dropping your phone screen side downward.
    It also has a hard outer shell that fits on over the soft shell. The rubber soft shell fits inside the hard shell perfectly it looks like it is one solid case. The hard outer case has octagon shapes that are risen on the back of it to help keep a grip on the phone and to prevent sliding off of slanted surfaces.
   The case is true color and design to the picture in the details on the listing page. It is the same shades of pink and black. It is a bright colored case.
   As far as cleaning the case I use q-tips for the dips and grooves and a damp cloth for the rest. I would be completely feel safe using sani wipes on it as well without worrying about fading.
    I did receive this case during a promotion from the seller. This in no way has affected my judgement on it in any way. It is a very well made and attractive case. I would purchase it again.
Here are some of their other cases Click here to see even more.

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