NKTM Dry Bag Waterproof Waist Pouch

   Type1 BlueType1 YellowType3 BlueType3 transparentType3. Blue&PinkType4 BlackType4 transparentType2 Blue -10LType2 Blue -20L
     I have really put this bag to the test. My son and myself put it to the test by putting a working cell phone in it and then placing the pouch in a large bowl of water and left it sitting for about five minutes and then opened it. The cell phone was dry as a bone and working perfectly.
     Just be sure to close all three ziplock sections and the velcro. My son didn’t double check and dunked his phone in next and a few drops got in the pouch. It was just a few with only one ziplock closed properly. He flipped out, but it was a kyocera water proof phone so it was fine :).
   This pouch is black and waterproof so I would not suggest leaving it in direct sun light for a long period of time due to it getting hot to touch and on electronics.
   There are plenty of room in this pouch for my phone (tribute 5), MP4 (apple), keys and I still have room in it for a small wallet. This is a sturdy pouch. I wouldn’t take any sharp object to it of coarse, but will hold up with regular use.
    The waist buckle is adjustable and starts out to fit from a kid around nine up to an adult male that is about a 40 in pants.
This one did not have a clear pocket on the front of it. I got the type 3 in black. All options in this is pictured above.
I did receive the product at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it.
Here are some of NKTM’S other items that they sell on Amazon.
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

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