GOOQ [Dual-layer] case

    This is a darling little case that protects perfectly. It has a nice textured 3D design on it that is easily cleaned with q-tips. I love the way the sun hits the small diamond studs that are embedded in the hard shell.
    It does have a soft rubber case that wraps around the sides to the front rim of the case. The hard shell slides on over the rubber case very easily. I simply just rub my thumb down the rubber to get the hard shell to line up with the rubber on the sides. It’s super easy to put on and off of your phone. To remove it take off the hard shell by pulling side outward then upward. Then the soft shell the same way.
   I have had the case in the sun, sweated on it and cleaned it a couple times with rubbing alcohol and it has had no fading or color change. I also just toss my phone in my bag and haven’t lost a single stud on it. It has proven its self to me as a strong and sturdy case that protects nicely.
  The case also fits flimsy and glass screen protectors as well. I have tried it with both as my son and myself has the same phones.
I did receive the case at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. I am very happy with it.
Here are more of their items on Amazon
They have more than just cases though
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

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