G.G. Martinsen Multi-function Compact and Portable 32G MP4

    I Purchased the G.G. Martinsen Multi-function Compact and Portable 32G MP4 Player Electronic MP3 Player Video Player with Photo Viewer , E-Book Reader , Voice Recorder in purple because My son wanted my black one. I like this one so much better and I will explain why. It’s purple!
  They look exactly the same except for color. They don’t have the removable SD memory card. I also love that this one has a the same easy to maneuver screen menu layout. It is so much more easier to navigate then the some of the others are. The buttons on it control the selections exactly the same. Both are a little hard to get use to. You chose menu instead of the large center round button to make selections and the right button to navigate down the screen and left button to navigate up the screen. I got the hang of it very quickly just was kinda hard to remember at first.
  This is a very nice looking player it is a lower cost one though. It does look a little on the cheaper side up close. The screen has a clear picture and it has never skipped on me. It comes with earbuds, syncing/charger cord and the player.
    I don’t care for the earbuds much. They are basic and are to big for my ears.
    With the rite set of headphones or earbuds it sounds amazing. I have been using skullies, Yiko’s and Darkins.
     It has a FM radio that picks up my local stations clear as can be. This one has the option to save all of your favorite radio stations and record the songs playing. Some of the other ones only recorded the songs and don’t save to your favorites. When you first use it if you don’t save your station it will automatically change back to the first FM station available and you will have to hold down your button and scan again.
   It does have 32GB memory so it holds a lot of songs, pictures, videos and books. I plugged it into my laptop to sync my music and it connected immediately and was working great. I downloaded 40 songs in no time at all without any issues.
I recieved the G.G. Martinsen at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review of it and this is my opinions. It is a awesome low cost player.
Here is their ratings on Amazon
30 days 90 days 12 months Lifetime
Positive 99% 99% 99% 98%
Neutral 0% 0% 0% 1%
Negative 1% 0% 0% 1%
Count 215 694 3,603 4,993

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