aluminum and stainless steel Carabiner

    This aluminum and stainless steel Carabiner has a breaking load of Major Axis is 28kN, Minor Axis is 9kN and Open Gate is 8kN.This carabiner could accommodate almost 2000 lbs force of gravity on minor axis and open gate, and 6000 lbs on major axis. it is a D-shape carabiner that measures 4.13″ height, 3.15″ inside vertical clearance and 2.95″ width. It has an anti-lanyard design that prevent accidental hooking of other components. The screw gate of this carabiner is also known as locking carabiners, It has a sleeve that can be tightened to prevent accidental opening of the gate. This carabiner has an anti-skid screw so its non-slip, its stronger and doesn’t hinder the rope. This makes the usage of this carabiner more safer.

 Now for my thoughts and how I use the carabiner

We own our own business making and setting monuments. We deal with some heavy stones and supplies. My Husband and myself use this carabiner for work. We use tie downs, but sometimes we have to use clips as I call the (carabiners) to tie stones or equipment down or in place to move or haul from one place to another.

    My Husband also uses scaffolding at work and this with his vest insures he doesn’t hit the ground in case of an accident. This is a very thick well made clip with a screw in place lock that is easy to use. It does do it’s job well. I have had no issues with the clip so far. I have been completely happy with it.
I did receive the carabiner at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it. These are my own thoughts and opinions of it 100%.

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