LG K7 Case, LG Tribute 5 Case

   I am really impressed with this phone case. It has a soft shell with lines on the inside for shock absorbance and so it doesn’t steal your phones back. It does still keep the battery cover though. It also has a hard shell that fits over the soft shell. The hard shell has a nice back to it with traction textured designs on it so you don’t drop it as easy and to keep it from sliding off of surfaces. The soft shell is uncovered on the top and bottom which works great for dash mounts and other mounts. It helps hold it in place a lot better.
    The case is a thicker case. It is not a slim case and does not have dust port covers. The holes in the case is well molded and smooth. The charging port and earbud port has nice wide opening so thicker based coeds are not an issue. I have already dropped my phone on my kitchen floor with the case on and my phone survived a face plant. I had this case and a glass screen protector on it when it fell. The case does lip over the sides just enough to protect it, however not enough to be an issue with the screen.
   I did receive this case at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it. I do like the case and yes it is a back cover thief. It does do a great job though.

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