Cooling Towel Chilly Pad

Product Details


I ordered these for my Husband who works outside in the heat. He digs graves and does grounds keeping in a cemetery. It gets very hot in the south during the summer. He already had some other kinds of cooling towels, but lets face it it is nice to have extra so I can wash while he has some at work still.

I was not expecting the quality that they are when I ordered them. These are very well made cooling towels that work wonderfully.

They absorb water very well and then instantly start cooling. They last about two to three hours in straight sun light.

They are easy to clean. I just simply toss them in the washer with my towels. Be sure to dry them by lying them flat down. I personally do not put them in the dryer so they will last longer.

These are also super absorbent which makes them great for cleaning up spills in the kitchen or bathroom. They are size 31.4 x 15.7in so they will wrap around your neck very nicely.


They are a polyester material so they are very light weight even when wet.


It says they are Blue & Rose red, however they are blue and pink.

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I did receive the cooling towels at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and honestly we are completely satisfied with them.

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