RICHEN 3 coils Wireless Car Charger Dock

This review is from: RICHEN 3 coils Wireless Car Charger Dock with Universal Orienting Windshield / Dashboard and Air Vent Mount for Sony,Samsung,HTC and Other Qi Wireless Charger Phones (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I absolutely love this charger set. Yes I said set. The package contains
1. C3 Charging Pad x 1pc
2.Suction Mount x 1pc
3. Air Vent Mount x 1pc
4.Car Charger Adapter x 1pc
5. Micro USB Cable x 2pc (1.5M, 0.3M)(no data tansfer, charge ONLY)
6. User Manual x 1pc
7. Retail Package x 1pc
So basically you get two wires, charging port for your cars lighter and the dash mount that has the charger back on it.

The wire to charge the dash mount QI enabled holder has velcro on it and can be ran down the dash and Velcro to stay put so you don’t have to fight it. The dash mount has a sticky suction cup surface to help it stay put. Nope, it wont damage your dash. My dash is just fine and no residue left behind it is just like cling on material adhesive. The suction cup also has a lever on the back you mash down to make it create a hard suction. This mount is not going anywhere unless you release the lever.

    It will fit any phone even with the case on. There is a button on the back that makes the arms open up and you simply place your phone on the silicone backing and mash the silicone stripped arms together on the phone. It holds the phone safe and securely.
   Don’t worry if a friend needs to charge their phone it can do non QI devices simply by removing the charge cord from the mount and placing in bottom charged android phones. The cradle leaves plenty of room to plug in. Keep in mind the cord for the dash mount is a type B cord.
   Also you can get QI adapters for any android phone for eight bucks here on amazon to use this mount with. Simply plug in the charge port run to the back and put your case on your phone. I tried it on this one and it worked perfectly.
    The car charger that came with the mount has a light on it so you know when it is charging and is easier to find in the dark.
   I did receive this mount at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it and I am completely happy with it. I done a video on it as well Click here to watch

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