Wood Gymnastic Rings

This review is from: Wood Gymnastic Rings Straps Buckles Gym Cross Fit Training Pull Up Dips (Misc.)
     These wooden gymnastic rings are made of birch wood and are real wood. They have been sanded to a smooth finish, however there is a chance of a few rough spots which can cause splinters. Be sure to check the whole ring before using. Yes, this is natural for wooden rings. They are the rite size at 1.25 in and a great feel in the hands.
   The straps material is Nylon Diameter and it is 9.25 in the Inside diameter: 6.75 in The Strap length is 13.1 ft and the Strap Width is 0.98 in. They weigh 2.6 pounds and hold a maximum weight of 600 lbs.
They are super easy to use to hang the rings. The straps work like a buckle or tie down strap. You simply just mash it in the open position and push the strap through the buckle. When you have it at the length desired you simply let go and make sure it is securely closed and done.
   These straps are great for kids, for exercise, for training in gymnastics and for muscle strengthening. You can place them anywhere with the straps. I hung mine from a tree in the back yard and then a beam in my garage. Just be sure to always check and be sure they are secure before use.
I did receive these at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.
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