Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

This review is from: Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro Fits Door Size up to 36″-82″ Max- Black

screen size is 39″x 83″, and it fits door sized 36″ x 82″. 26. It has sewed in magnetic points (6 sets of magnetic seal and 7 sets of magnet) make the screen door close much quicker and more silent. It also has extra 4 sets of gravity stick (8 pcs) in the bottom sides to prevent it from being blown open by wind. Full frame Velcro and push up pins secure the screen into its place. It can be free to access no matter for human or pets. And it is really easy for installation without any tool. Package includes: screen door, a roll of Velcro, and a pack of push pins.

~~~~Now for my thought on the screen~~~~

I had one of these already on my back door and needed one for the garage door. I ordered this one and I have to say the weights make a huge difference in it. This one was also easier to put up than the one I already had. The magnets and the weights combined helped with lining it up while installing it on the frame.

     The instructions are included in the package. They are supper easy to understand and have pictures that are detailed which is great.
   Basically all you have to do is clean the door frame and then lay the screen out flush and flat to connect the magnets being sure the velcro is facing upward. Then you measure the height of the screen to make sure it will cover door and apply the velcro strips in your package to the frame leaving the white backing on it. Then peel the tape off and attach the screen starting at a top corner going slow to make sure it is even and straight.
   The whole process took me about an hour. Keep in mind I have 3 kids 4 dogs and do not do well with these type of projects.
   The screen is nice and thick and I have had no issues with bugs or wind so far. I did use push pins in the corners and center of the top for added security because of having dogs using the door.
I did receive the screen at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it and here it is. Easy to apply and works as stated. I am completely happy with it.
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