OxGord Dog Cat Flap Doors with 4 Way Lock

This review is from: OxGord Dog Cat Flap Doors with 4 Way Lock for Pets Entry & Exit – 2016 Newly Designed Model (Misc.)
***Do not buy this item! ***
    I have teacup chihuahuas one is 4 pounds and one is 5 pounds. The five pound chihuahua can not fit through the door easily. The lock on it to adjust open and shut moves when used and locks the dogs out. The weather stripping is falling apart and coming off of it. The screws I received to install it was to big for the holes. The flap on the door is super hard to open and slams shut on the dogs as well.
    This product is dangerous to the small cats and dogs who use it. It will either shut them out in the heat or slap shut on them pinning or injuring them. There is no way of fixing the issues with this door to make it usable either. It is just a very poor made product that the seller should not be trying to make money off of.
Please love your pet and find another pet door!
I received this OxGord Dog Cat Flap Door at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it and here it is. These are my thought 100%.

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