Meal Prep Food Containers by Better Body Kitchen

This review is from: Meal Prep Food Containers by Better Body Kitchen ( Set of 10 ) – Single Compartment and 28 oz Capacity for a Bigger Better Meal
         These are thick plastic which is great, however that is the best thing about them. The lids do not snap on to the bowls. The lid simply just sets on it. That leads to many issues. it causes spilling, not being able to take with you, spoiling food, hardening of foods, and so many more.
     I was hoping I could use these like take out bowls and stack fridge storage. No luck with that. If you put one on the other with food in it the weight makes the lid on the bottom bowl to collapse into your food. Needless to say you can’t do that in a lunch bag or in the fridge it makes a mess.
        I did find a use for them though. I gave them to my husband to use in the garage for organization of his small items. They worked great for nuts and bolts. Silver lining to every cloud I guess.
   I did receive these bowls in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Here you have it. You would be better off buying the cheaper bowls and getting the same quality as these.

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