Disposable Lens Cleaning Towelettes

This review is from: Disposable Lens Cleaning Towelettes – Includes 21 towelettes in a package (Health and Beauty)
    I received these thinking they would be like most eye glass cleansing moist wipes. Instead they are just like public bathroom paper towels with rubbing alcohol on them. When you open the pack you better use it super fast because they dry out very quickly. I don’t like the rough texture of the towel on my glasses lenses. I am afraid of messing them up. I did try it and my glasses streaked up and I had to wipe them again.
   These are a great idea for use on other objects such as cell phone cases, MP3’s, MP4’s and so on. The wipes would keep them clean and sanitary. They are great sized for caring with you anywhere or keeping in the car. I would suggest them to outdoor workers or mechanics.They would be great for keeping things clean.
    I just believe they are to abrasive for eye glasses. My husband has been using them on his phone and phone case. he works outdoors and they clean his phone up nicely.
I did receive the lens cleaning wipes at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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