Rteail Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves

This review is from: Rteail Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves (Apparel)
     Let me start by saying I was excited to get the touch screen gloves. Then they arrived. They don’t work and look real cheaply made. To be fair I tried them on my android phone, tablet, my husbands phone, sons phone, moms phone and then other sons phone. I couldn’t get them off lock screen or send a message that is programmed.
    They are for smaller hands (kid or woman) not men. They have strings hanging everywhere and are coming unraveled on the elastic wrist bands and crochet. I have emailed the company and have received no reply.
   I did receive them at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. Here it is. I am very unhappy with the gloves and whole situation. Be warned this is a bad item. I guess my son just got some play gloves for this winter. I guess it will save his good gloves from getting ruined is the best part of the whole situation.
I hate to give a bad review, however I honestly can’t think of a good pro and con list for these.

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