Galaxy S5 Case by Coolden

This review is from: Galaxy S5 Case, Coolden® Heavy Duty Samsung S5 Armor Case Slim Rugged Hard Shell Shockproof Protective Skin Impact Resistant Drop Protection Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Rose Gold (Wireless Phone Accessory)
     Let my start off by saying this is not a soft shell with a hard thick outer casing like most. This is a soft rubber shell case with a thin flexible plastic casing. It does have dust covers on everything except the charging port-hole.
    It is a very pretty rose gold color with two textures on the back smooth and speckled. This makes it stand out and be more attractive. The black rubber soft shell also has two textures checkered lines and smooth. The inside of the case has lines running all through it that are sunken to prevent it from keeping you phones back so it can be removed easily. It does reach around the phone covering every side and wraps to overlap the front rim.
    It will protect your phone and is attractive just not the best quality in thickness. it is more of a slim case design. It also has four little nubs on the corners for when you set your phone down the surface wont get scratched.
    I did notice although the volume cover is easily pushed and used it can stick if mashed accidentally in an upward motion on my case. I have to mash in only and not let my finger slide upward.
   I did receive the case at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. These are my own thought on it.
available colors in this design
BlackGoldRedRose Gold
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