This review is from: Richen Soft Kids Neoprene Lunch bags Lunchbox Tote Insulated Grocery Sleeve with Zipper Boombox Design RLB-122
We shall start out with the cons:
You can not fit 20 oz. drinks in it or tall water bottles
You can not place ice packs in it to last longer on very hot days. I put one in it and it sweated causing the bag to get wet which wet my seat in my car.
The handle is very small on it. I have slender hands and can carry it fine. I can not fit on my wrist. A man may have issues if they have larger hands.

The pros now:
Does keep items cold / warm
It does have a perfect functioning thick zipper with pull tab
It is sewn in an attractive and tight zig zag stitch with heavy thread
It is light weight and fold-able
It does have a very nice design on it that has not faded with cleaning or sun exposure
Great item for kids or moms for lunch or on the go

My thoughts now:
I absolutely liked this lunch bag. I find it to be very attractive and well made. It is sturdy and will last all year for a kid in school.

For you guys yes, it will hold a six-pack of cans and zip easily. I done tried it. It is Size:11.8″(30cm) Tall x 11.2″ (28.5cm)Wide (Center)
Bottom: 11″(28cm) Hight X 6.5″(16.5cm) Wide x 8.7″(22cm) Deep.
Would I purchase again? Absolutely.
I did receive this product at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it.
Here are some other items they sell

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