NKTM Resistance Bands Set

This review is from: Resistance Bands Set with Door Anchor, Ankle & Wrist Strap, Exercise Guide, With a Carrying Bag For Strengthening and Training (Pro Series) (Misc.)
     I ordered these band because I have had a stretch of bad health and need to rebuild my muscle strength. I have epilepsy and after a long stretch of being down in bed my muscles are week. I don’t want to workout in a gym in case I have a bad spell and blackout. I needed something portable and kind of private to workout with.
         I saw these and was curious about them. When I received them they were in a nice portable drawstring bag. I noticed when pulling them out that they are very well made. They have very thick metal hooks and thick nylon straps on latex cords. I have been using these for a little over a week now and they work perfect. I go at my own pace following the instructions that were included and I can feel it working. These are very sturdy and will not fall apart on you. I could not be happier.
What you get in you package

5 x resistance bands
1 x door anchor
2 x ankle strap
2 x foam handles
1 x arm pull rope
1 x nylon packaging bag with elastic rope buckle
1 x user manual

What weight each color is
Yellow :10 lb
Green: 15 lb
Red : 20 lb
Blue: 25 lb
Black: 30 lb
I did receive the bands at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them.

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