NKTM Motorcycle Cover

This review is from: Motorbike Cover Motorcycle Motor Bike Scooter Waterproof UV Dust Protector Rain Cover
     I am actually surprised at this motorcycle cover. I saw it and saw that it was thin and light weight and immediately thought well it wont last long. I was wrong! This cover has been through two storms and three rains so far. In one of the storms we had trees down all over our neighborhood. Guess what did not tear or come loose and kept everything dry? That’s rite this cover did. The plastic snap together latch and the sewing on this held in place great with the elastic bottom on it.
     It is a weatherproof polyester with PU and UV coating with Double stitched seams and has a tightening  strap. It is Resistant to Bird Droppings, Wind, Rain, Dust, Dirt, Suns UV Rays and Snow.
     I have been using it outdoors and it still looks like new. it is light weight and folds up nice and compact to fit in the carry pouch that it comes in. That is amazing as it is more portable this way and fits great in saddle bags.
    I would suggest tucking the elastic under the tire a bit to keep it more secure.
I did receive this cover at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it. I am completely happy with it and it does do its job very well.

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