Sleeve Sports Ankle Brace 1 Pair

This review is from: Sleeve Sports Ankle Brace 1 Pair
            I will start off with the need to know about these compression socks first. Wash at 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit and no hotter. I would not place in the dryer due to shrinking. These socks are made out of 75% nylon,15% elastic yarn and 10% spandex so do not iron them.
    Compression socks have many uses such as blood flow issues, planter fasciitis, achiles tendon issue, stress fractures, diabetic issues, edema and many more. These are anti Oder and anti static compression sock and can be used for all day wear and sports. if you have odor issues this is not a remedy it is simply made out of breathable material and will not cause a new issue with odor.
       They are supposed to fit tighter than normal socks in order to work. Please check the size before ordering to be sure you get the rite one. They are supposed to be tighter, however not cut off circulation tight. Now on to my thoughts of the carrot socks. I got a large men’s for my husband who wears a 10 1/2 wide shoe and they fit nicely.
    If them being on your pinkie toe bothers you rolling them back one time doesn’t make them to thick and is still comfy.
    The top band hugs great and keeps them in place.
They are durably made, however do not sweat your feet no more than regular sock would. If wanting to hide them they are comfy under your regular socks although hold in heat more.
   Would I buy again?
    Yes I would they work great and the only issue I have with them is I prefer to cover them up due to the look of them.
I did receive them at a discount for my honest and unbiased review and here it is 100% my own thoughts.
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