Tresemme Pre Wash Beauty Full Volume Conditioner

This review is from: Tresemme Pre Wash Beauty Full Volume Conditioner, 16.5 Ounce (Health and Beauty)
       I have been testing this for a week now. I wasn’t sure at first about the whole reverse thing. using your conditioner first just seems weird after shampooing first my whole life. I figured OK I can try it what’s the worst that can happen.
The conditioner smells very nice. It has a nice clean scent. I conditioned up and left on for two minutes and then rinsed. I then shampooed up and rinsed. My hair naturally was tangled up considering I have hair to the small of my back. After my shower I went to brush my hair and had to dry it first to brush. Even with detangler it was a nightmare. After I got it all brushed out and situated I noticed my hair was super clean and smelled great. As for volume there was no more than normal. I’m not sure if it was because all the detangler I had to use or it simply didn’t work. I wasn’t able to blow-dry lifting my roots like usual so that may be why. I would say this would be great for short hair just not very long hair.
I received this for free for testing purposes.
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