Seventh Generation


I joined the Generation good community and got the chance to try the Seventh Generation laundry detergent for free with a coupon they mailed me.


I have eczema and my kids have the sensitive skin so I was more than happy it is a free and clear product. It has no chemicals and no dyes which is amazing.

I gave it a try after picking it up at my local Kroger’s. It smells super clean the all natural way. We wore our clothes and didn’t have any issues with outbreaks of pesky irritation bumps.


I was super happy with the way it suds up and cleans my clothes as well as Tide does without all the additives that regular Tide has. The Lavender is scented with essential oils and other natural ingredients. It smells just like the plant. It isn’t an over powering scent either.


I am very happy with the way the laundry detergent turned out when I used it. You should go check out Seventh Generation and the  Good Generation community. Click below to see all their great cleaning products and home essentials.

Good Generation

Seventh Generation


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