Reflective Safety Vest

This review is from: Reflective Running Vest Safety Vest High Visibility Safety Gear Shirt for Cycling Outdoor Clothing Motorcycle Jacket Running Adjustable Elastic(Yellow Green) (Misc.)
       There are so many uses for a reflective vest. Children walking at night, walking your dog, working, jogging and so many more. We own a monument company and set monuments. Sometimes in the summer we get swamped and wind up working in some undesired places at undesired times such as back roads at dusk. With the reflective vest we can load and unload on the side of roads and be seen.
     This one is great, because it can be adjusted  from child sized to large adult sized. I would say it fits down to about 9 years of age and up to 250 pounds and from 4 foot to 7 foot tall.  I like that it can be adjusted so easily and quickly so it doesn’t matter who needs it they can have it fixed and be working in less than a minute.
      With the material being stretchy elastic it is safer for workers as well. If it gets snagged it will stretch and not force you with it. The material also allows the adjusters to stay in place and not loosen up on you while moving around. The adjusters are a thick plastic so it wont snap and break on you. It is stitched with a tight single stitch that runs through the elastic. It will hold nicely. the clip has ends that angle inward for one hand fast removal in case of emergency or just to remove easier.
I did receive this vest at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.
Here are some of their other items. They have a wide variety.

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