Holly LifePro Universal Electronics Accessories Carry On Bag

This review is from: Holly LifePro Universal Electronics Accessories Carry On Bag Travel Organizer
      This is the handiest thing ever if you have a lot of electronics. I am able to keep all my cord in one place nice and neatly. The way it is made you wont have to untangle your cords again.
      This is an awesome little thing to have for traveling or just being organized. I have an issue where everything has to be in its place. My kids call it OCD. Blah, blah, blah. I just want to be able to find my stuff and not untangle everything. This bag helps with that and it’s water proof. That’s a double win. Me being myself I had to have pink and was super happy when it arrived and was an attractive pink.
     The zipper is thick and the stitching is nice thick thread that is pink as well. I haven’t had the first issue with the zipper sticking or opening behind the pull. The elastic and the mesh is sewn on nice and sturdy. It will take some pulling and be fine.
     It has a pocket on the inside for Sd cards and car or wall plugs. My mp4 player fits perfectly in it. The bag is about the size of a normal makeup bag and fits in my purse or briefcase perfectly. For a guy it is about the size of a shaving bag.
  I did receive this bag at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. Truth is I love this bag.
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