Thxpet Super-Absorbent Disposable Pet Training and Puppy Pads

This review is from: Thxpet Super-Absorbent Disposable Pet Training and Puppy Pads Large (22 x 23 inches) – 3 Count (Misc.)
       I have two puppies and two senior dogs. There are times when they have to go and I’m not home. I use pee pads for those times. I like a super absorbent pad having four dogs means a lot of pee-pee.
       I tried these pads out and discovered they are great at absorbing the pee. The pads hold the pee in and I haven’t had any pooling under the pad from leakage. I can just simply pick up the pad and toss it when I get home. I then mop the area just in case and place another one down.
      These are 22 x 23 inch and gives enough room for a small or large breed dog. All four of mine are small breed dogs and one last while I am away. I am usually only away a couple of hours and so usually only one or two of them go pee. With two using it there are still room for one more pee on the pad. So an adult large breed dog would get one good using out of it which is normal for a pad that size.
         These haven’t slid around on my floor to bad either. They have 5 layers however are not super thick like a rug feel so your dog should feel comfortable using them. They feel more solid and dogs are more incline to use a solid surface so these would be great training pads.
      I also use them for other uses around the house like under the water bowl and in my potato box just in case one goes bad to absorb the liquid and odor.
I did receive these training pads at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.

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