Super Absorbent, Quick-Drying Kitchen Dish Cloths

This review is from: Super Absorbent, Quick-Drying Kitchen Dish Cloths (Set of 5) | Premium Microfiber & Cotton Blend Towels for Cleaning, Scrubbing, Washing, and Drying | Durable Reinforced Edges | 12″ X 12″ Blue (Kitchen)
    ***Please remember to wash these dish clothes before using the first time. Everything new really needs to be washed before first use especially if using around food.***
      I first thought when seeing the price of these that they would be like the absorbent quick dry dish clothes at the Dollar store. When I received them I noticed they were nice and thick. I gave them a good washing and put them in the drawer to use. Everyone used them and said they really liked these. I loved that they actually do suck up the water and keep it there. They don’t just smear water all over the counter. They are nice and thick which is great for wiping down counters if you need to scrub a spot.
        They are a lighter color blue so they look really nice in my kitchen even though I have all stainless,black and red. I am currently using one in front of my coffee pot for spills and to catch sugar grains. When I pull it up to shake the sugar off there is never coffee spots on my counters. The clothes collect the coffee and being thicker it doesn’t make it to my counters. These dish clothes are very well made and will last a long time.
          I did receive the clothes at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. I would buy again and recommended these.

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