Richen Car Charging Mount

This review is from: 【UPDATE VERSION】Richen Car Charging Mount , Magnetic Adsorption Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Holder Cradle Dock Charging Cable For Samsung iPhone & GPS,Table PC Holder (Wireless Phone Accessory)
       I will start off by giving you the negative. If you have a phone that has the charge plug on the side you will not be able to use this charger. The cord does not reach and you can not place cord in the down position. The phone will not rest in the slot. If you drive an older model vehicle or one that does not drive smoothly the magnetized cord will bounce on and off of connection due to the movement. Also it is not very attractive it is more of a mans charger.
        Okay, now that is all out-of-the-way here are some good points. It does charge Apple and Android phones. It will also charge Bluetooth and the phone cradle holds it in place nicely. I charge my phone and Bluetooth at the same time using a two prong charger. It will hold phone in cradle and a flat back GPS in front compartment. It holds the phone so it can be used while driving for a GPS or speaker phone. Having your number on your dash is an awesome idea if you use a work phone. I wouldn’t want mine on my dash due to cray people so there is that.
I did receive the mount for my honest and unbiased review and this is it.
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