Oaxis TechTM 2 pcs Rose Gold Nylon Braided Lightning to USB Cable 6.6ft

This review is from: Lightning Cable, Oaxis TechTM 2 pcs Rose Gold Nylon Braided Lightning to USB Cable 6.6ft/2M 8-Pin Lightning USB Charge Data Sync Cord for iPhone 6/6s/5/5S/5C/SE/Plus,iPad 4,iPad Air 1/2/Pro,iPad Mini (Wireless Phone Accessory)
          When I ordered these cord I was so happy they were rose gold. Rose gold is so attractive and you can get almost everything in it. They are a perfect match to my ear buds and jewelry.
          I figured they would be more of a delicate cord by the looks of the pictures. They are actually a very nice set of cords. They are connected very nicely to the ports. The cords are sturdy and you can’t leave scratches on them by rubbing them accidentally on hard things like your nails and ect. They are covered with a nylon braided material for extra protection.
        They are a nice length to prevent being stuck in an awkward position during use while charging. You can have a little room to move around with them being six foot cords. They connected very easily and don’t lose connection or stop syncing if you have to move your device.
        The cords have fit nicely in all my wall chargers, car chargers, tablet and laptop. The cords seem to be able to last a very long time and with two per package you can keep one in the car and one in your home. That’s great for me I hate caring cords around with me and I drain a device pretty quickly.
    I did receive the oaxis 2 pack of charging/ syncing cords at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. I am glad I did they work wonderfully and are attractive too.
                         See how pretty they look with my wallet, ear buds and phone.

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Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Check their prices out. This is a great find!


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