Chef Remi Grill Mat

This review is from: Chef Remi Grill Mat – Lifetime Guarantee – Set Of 3 Heavy Duty, Non-Stick Grilling Mats – 16 x 13 Inch – Use on Gas, Charcoal, Electric BBQ Grills – Made With USA Raw Materials – Rated #1 New Release
       I did not think I needed these. I was wrong. These mats are awesome.
Please keep in mind they are meant to be used on gas grills and not charcoal unless you know how to control the flame. The reason is you can not control the flame on a charcoal grill very easily if you are not familiar with it. The gas can be lowered when needed due to juice from foods causing the flames to get higher. Also do not grill hamburgers on them unless you can keep a keen eye on them. The grease will drip causing unexpected high flames on gas or charcoal. These are better used for fish, chicken, veggies and fruits.
     I used mine to grill chicken on my gas grill. In order to get then to fit and not overlap I just cut them to size. Don’t worry about them rolling up. The food will hold them down into place. They did cook nice and brown. The chicken even had the lines on it due to the mats being flexible. I honestly believe the chicken cooked quicker than usual.
    To clean them up I just left them to cool on the grill and then washed with Dawn and water. They came clean without having to scrub one bit. It was the same as washing a great quality Teflon cooking pan. I was able to just roll them back up and store them for next time.
I did receive the grill mats at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of them. This is it. I absolutely love them.
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My family and myself loves to smoke meats and grill out. Even if the weather doesn’t permit we still cook meats in the house. A meat thermometer ensures you are cooking at the rite temperature and that your meat is cooked all the way done and you wont get sick from eating it. There are a lot of food born illnesses you can get from under cooked meat and cooking to the rite temps will prevent that. That makes a cooking thermometer a very needed tool in your kitchen.

I ordered the Chef Remi and figured I would give it a try. When I received it I was very happy to see the information given on the product was all true. It has Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. I go by Fahrenheit myself other use Celsius (like Canada).
It also has a hold button and a max min button.

I have tried it on Ham and Turkey so far and it took about 10 seconds for me to get the rite temp read out on it. It has a meat needle on it that is about 6 inches long. I like that I can reach the middle of the meat without getting my fingers accidentally burnt getting a temp reading. All you have to do after using it is wipe of the meat needle with a soapy dish cloth and rinse.

The whole process is super easy. Even a beginner will get their food done and not have any issues using the thermometer. It comes in a very handy tube case with a great sealing top on it. This is great for keeping it clean during storage or for taking with you somewhere. To open the top you simply just give the wrist strap and gentle pull. It comes with all the easy to read instructions you will need to use.

The thermometer reads from -50 c to +300c and from -58 f to +572 f. It will automatically shut off after 10 minutes in case you forget to save your battery from draining. which is a 1 CR123A and is included and already installed for you. It also remembers your last reading which is great for beginners as well. I have loved using this thermometer.

I did receive it at a reduced price for a honest and unbiased review. These are my thoughts and feelings of this thermometer.

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