Active Arlo Reflective Vest

This review is from: Active Arlo Reflective Vest. High Visibility for Running, Cycling & Walking. Soft & Lightweight, One Size Adjustable Fit for Men & Women. Best Reflective Running Vest, Cycling Vest, Safety Vest Gear. (Misc.)
      I ordered the Active Arlo reflective vest for my husband and son. I know these are wonderful items for runners and joggers, however I ordered it for them to work in. We own a monument company and have to unload trucks on the side of the road sometimes and direct traffic for backing into areas. With a bright yellow shirt and the reflective vest they are more likely to be seen and not get hit by someone driving past.
     I like the fact that they can both use the vest even though they are different sizes. It is super easy to adjust it and only takes a minute to get it to fit perfectly. The shoulder straps adjust and so does the waist. It is stretchy elastic so it is comfortable to wear and moves with you. It doesn’t make you feel confined or restricted in movement.
      It has really thick and heavy made plastic adjusters and buckle. If they snag it on the machines or a stone the elastic will give and the buckle wont snap. That is great for not only it lasting a long time but them not getting hurt as well.
     When headlights hit the vest it shows up nice and bright. During the day the yellow stands out as well to be more visible. I have been verry happy with the fact it is very easy easily cleaned. I washed it on gentle cycle and it is still like new.
I did receive the vest at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review.
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