Darkiron N8 Headset with In line Mic

This review is from: Darkiron N8 Headset with In line Mic and Volume Control for Smartphones & Tablets – Black / Red (Wireless Phone Accessory)
     I am very impressed with the quality of sound and the comfort of this headset. They are great for multiple reasons. Noise cancelling, MP3, MP4, laptop, desktop, phone, tablet and ect. I hooked them up to my laptop first and they connected without any issue.
*Please be sure to adjust the volume on them before hooking up to anything.*
Mine was all the way down, however they could have been all the way up and these are very loud.
       The quality was amazing. I have been using them for a week now and the quality is still amazing.
    This headset has a standered stereo plug so these will not work with your game systems such as play station 3 or Xbox 360. They will work with your phone or computer to message, call or video call.
    My head is on the smaller side and my son’s head is on the larger side and the headset adjust to fit us both very comfortably.
           The padding on them is super thick and soft. The padding cups around your ear instead of sitting on them to make noise cancelling. When you are wearing them you wont be bothered with what ever noise is around you. I really like this, because I have two teenage sons and their friends who are noisy as can be.
     The headset is also very attractive and looks nice for male or female. If you are wondering yes it has plenty of bass and is equaled out with the treble nicely to hit a beat.
I did receive the headset at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and honestly I am completely happy with them.
Here is some of their other products
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They have a great selection and the prices are not bad at all. It is well worth your time to go take a look. I have been buying this stuff for years for my boys and it can be pricey at Radio Shack and Game stores.




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