Valentia face mask review and my skin care routine.


I Recently Joined a campaign on Brand Backer for the Valentia skin detoxifying face mask. I had already joined in the past for the Royal Rose serum and the clear lift serum. I have fallen in love with their products. My skin has cleared up from acne and blackheads. My skin is super soft and moisturized. I do have an issue with some products bothering my skin and have not had any issues with Valentia products.


I want to share my experience with the face mask and then share my routine with the products I use.


This is a picture of the face mask. It is thick and creamy. This is great for me, because I hate when my face mask is runny or drips. I put the face mask on in a generous amount and it stays exactly where I put it. It doesn’t slide, run or goop off my face.

It also has an amazing fresh wild berry scent. It is almost a candy type aroma. Be cautious with your kids and pets with wonderful smelling products please. If it smells yummy they think food and this mask does smell yummy. I keep mine up high yet in my site so I remember easily to use it. I like to do this until I get in a routine and can do it without thinking.


In this picture is  the directions on how to use the face mask. What I do is wash my face with my facial cleanser and pat my face dry. I then apply a generous amount of it to my face  avoiding my eyes. I leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, however you can feel it drying in 10 minutes. It is a nice dry feel. It doesn’t feel like my face is going to crack and shatter if I move.


In this picture is some more information on the mask. If you look at the container symbol with the 12m in it that tells you when your product will expire. This means the mask will expire in 12 months ( 1 year). You have plenty of time in between expiring to use all your mask up before replacing. Most makeup and skin care products have this on them so you know. This doesn’t mean they will turn green and be moldy on expiring it simply means it is less effective after that time. You don’t have to be as worried about the dates as much as you would if it is food so you don’t have to mark your calendars. I just check the ones I haven’t used in a while and toss if need be. If I use the product a lot I will most likely use it all before then.

In these pictures you will notice how bad my skin was. I am 35 years old and my face was still a mess. It is so embarrassing to be my age and look like a 13-year-old pizza faced kid. I have used so many creams, serums and mask for my face. I have finally got this crap straightened out and have myself a routine. I guess that’s what I get for having a mom who never fought acne and dry skin before. I get to figure it all out on my own without guidance. This is hard because of so many products and choices. Some just don’t work for everyone.

In these pictures you will notice my skin has done some clearing up in just over a week of using this routine. Plus if you take a look at the pictures you’ll also notice my big old ugly gaping pores are not as visible as before. They are smaller now. This makes me so happy. My face should be spotless and evened toned in as little as a month. I am one happy little Chic all 5 foot of me.

In the pictures above is the products I use in my face care routine. 6 items, 15 minutes twice a day and 20 extra minutes once a week is all it includes. It is so worth the time to stop looking like a 13-year-old. I mean really it beats the heck out of my sons bus driver telling me to get on the bus and take my seat (true story bro).

Now to the instructions to my routine.

  1. Wake up and grab that coffee.  ( Caffeine is an amazing thing)
  2. Shower or just wash your face. ( I use a charcoal sponge by Mayberry and vitamin c cleanser by Radha Beauty) then pat dry with towel.
  3. Apply clear lift serum ( about 2 pumps does my face and neck)let absorb (I use Valentia)
  4. Apply Hydrating Royal Rose serum ( about 2 pumps does my face and neck) let absorb ( I use Valentia)
  5. Apply Pro youth eye gel ( one pump does both eyes and my frown lines) Let absorb ( I use Art Naturals)
  6. Go ahead and apply your makeup if you wear it. Your done.



I use Remmel BB cream, Simply Ageless and Lush mascara.

1.I apply a thin layer of my BB cream with a brush in a patting motion and let dry for a minute.

2.I then Apply a thin layer of my simply ageless with a brush in a patting motion. Let dry for a minute

3. Then I put on my blush

4. Then I apply my cover-girl (any type) powder in a downward motion with a brush. This makes your small hairs on your face lay down and makes a smoother look.

5. I then pat on just a tad bit of baby face pore eraser in the needed places in a patting motion with my finger.

6. Then I put on my eye shadow, mascara and lipstick and I’m done.

This is what I use for the rest of my body for my dry skin issues and eczema.

  1. I use Beautiful carcus lotion, lip balm and bath bombs.
  2. I use skin hero hemp balm on my eczema outbreaks. ( I apply 3 times a day)
  3. I also use the Royal Rose hydrating serum on my bug bites and acne. (I apply 3 times a day)


For my hair with it being oily and damage easy I use Argan oil products.

  1. I get my hair damp in the shower and my hair being to my waist line I use a quarter sized amount of Pure Body Naturals shampoo. ( lather and leave in for 2 minutes before rinsing)
  2. I then ring out the excess water from my hair and add a quarter sized amount of Art Naturals hair mask ( leave on for about 2 minutes) then rinse.

This is after washing and before fixing my hair.


For my foot care I use my Amope pedi file and First botany tea tree oil foot scrub. This is a great tip for summer months ( flip flop weather).

  1. I use my Amope in the shower ( skin is softer and files easier while wet) I run all over my foot ( bottom and sides) paying close attention to my heals and behind my pinky toe on the bone of the bottom outer side. I do this once a week.
  2. I use the tea tree oil foot scrub the other six days of the week to keep my feet smoother.

I hope this helped you in some way if you have any of the same issues that I have with my skin. I figured why not share what I have learned so far on my own from trial and error trying to find great products and get a routine going. I know you will probably do some things different then I do, however it gives you a starting point to make your own routine. Best of luck and I hope you find a way to handle your problems in the easiest way possible. Life is hard enough as it is.

Here are the links to what I use.

As a added bonus Valentia is offering 35% off everything if you use the code (REFRESH35)

Simply click here and grab your good stuff  From May 16th until June 1st!

Valentia face mask on Amazon                                                    Mayberry facial charcoal sponge

Valentia on Instagram                                                                      Radha Beauty facial cleanser

Valentia on FaceBook                                                                            Amope on Amazon

Beautiful Carcus website                                                             Beautiful Carcus FaceBook

Skin Hero on Amazon                                                              Art Naturals hair mask on Amazon

Argan oil shampoo                                                                       Art Naturals eye gel

Tee tree oil foot scrub

This is a sponsored post with Valentia




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