YIKO Headphones

This review is from: YIKO Headphones [UiiSii] Series In-Ear Sport Earphones Waterproof Earbuds with Mic Control for Running, Compatible with PC ,iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4,Samsung Galaxy, Nokia etc (Wireless Phone Accessory)
      I have simply fell in love with these ear buds. Let me explain. I have a hard time with solid buds fitting my ears they are too large. I have a hard time getting the ones that slide in to stay. Every time I move they fall out. The ones that are head sets I have to buy kids to fit, because evidently my head is abnormally small.
        These have ear hooks and are turned to rest in your ear and stay. The ear hooks simply go into the ridge of your ear with the point in the small of the ridge. I thought they might rub my ear raw or bother me, but nope not an issue so far. I have been using them for almost a week and my ears are fine.
      They do have a mic on them for using with your phone. I have used it and the sound was loud and clear according to my husband. You do have to hold the button in to talk.
    I mainly use them with my laptop, tablet and MP4 player. The sound is amazing. I have a pair of skulls I used before receiving these and I gave them to my son. The quality and bass are the same to me. They come with extra ear hooks and ear fobs. Which is nice I don’t have to worry about buying any for a long time.
    I love the rose gold color on this set. Mixed with the white they are very attractive. They are actually the same color as my phone, smoke case and other gadgets I own. Rose gold is really popular rite now because of it looking so classy and attractive.
    I did receive this set at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review of them. This is my honest thoughts and opinions. I really am happy with this set. Great quality.
    These are 12mm speaker size, 20-20000hz frequency, 100db+3db sensitivity, 120cm cable length and 3.5mm plug. They will fit almost all phones, MP3 players and ect. Water proof incase of rain and for sweating.
Some of their other items
I had a issue with the post office losing another set from them and she has handled it quickly and stayed in touch. I have had excellent customer service.

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