EyeSun Clam Shell Eyeglasses Case

This review is from: EyeSun Clam Shell Eyeglasses Case Leather Glasses Case for Presbyopia Glasses (Eyewear)
        This is a really sturdy leather clam shell case. It is for a smaller set of glasses not your wife beater type. I will post a picture of the case with my glasses so you can see the size that fits well.
       This is a harder case, however it can be squeezed together fairly easy. it will not protect from heavy objects or hard falls. This case is to protect from scratches and bumps. It is an attractive leather clam shell case.
     It will smell like leather when you receive it. The smell will calm down when out of the packaging for a little bit. They do come with a cleaning cloth that is one of the larger ones.
       The clam shell case is stitched nice and tight with a thick and sturdy leather thread. The clasp on the front is a real tight fastening thick metal. the back of the snap clasp is behind the interior material to prevent scratching the glasses.
         The outside of the case is a smooth leather and the inside is a very soft suede material.The logo has been punched into the front material so it will not wear off or fade away in time.
       I have squeezed together and bent the case multiple times and there is no cracking or peeling happening to it. In my opinion this case will last a very long time if used correctly.
      I did receive the clam shell case for a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. This did not affect my judgement of this review.
                       I am really happy with the case 100%

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