Tomameri Multi-function Compact and Portable 16G MP4

This review is from: Tomameri Multi-function Compact and Portable 16G MP4 Player Electronic MP3 Player Video Player with Photo Viewer , E-Book Reader , Voice Recorder- Blue (Electronics)
          I was thinking the whole time I was ordering this MP4 player it wouldn’t last a day without breaking it costing $20.00. I was also thinking it would work horribly.
          When I received it and opened it up I was actually shocked. It came with a 16 gb memory card, the charging cord and ear buds.
       I turned it on and was also shocked at all the things it does. It actually does what it said it does. It has your downloaded music and video plus has a FM radio on it that has great signal. All my local stations were crystal clear.
     My pictures are not at the top resolution, however they are clear and look nice. It is very simple to use and connects to my laptop and tablet without any issues. I downloaded 30 songs in a matter of seconds.
       The ear buds that come with it are on the larger size and wont fit in my ears properly, however work great as well. The charging and syncing cord is a very sturdy cord that doesn’t lose connection when MP3 is moved around.
         The memory card is holding all my things without issue and has lots of storage room. I am using my own ear buds and have to say I am getting great quality sound and function from it.
       It does look very attractive, but feels super lightweight. Kind of feels cheaply made. It is a $20.00 MP3 though. I would be at ease giving it to my 13-year-old and knowing that it will last him a while and he is rough on things.
        I did receive this player at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. The price did not affect my thoughts in any way. It is a great buy and does work great.
     I am including pictures. Keep in mind I had a hard time getting clear screen pics due to my lighting and the screen being on. It does look better in person.
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