Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling Barbecue Gloves by IBBM

This review is from: Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling Barbecue Gloves by IBBM – 2pc Set – Orange
      I got the heat-resistant gloves because I am a major klutz. I am always burning or cutting myself somehow. I love to grill out and have bonfires so I thought these gloves may help me keep from burning myself.
     I wanted to test the gloves out and me being me decided hot bacon grease was the way to go. I got some bacon cooking and kept all the grease in the pan. When the pan had what I thought was enough grease in it I put on my gloves. Armed and ready I reached in and put my fingers in the popping hot grease and turned that bacon. My hand didn’t get hot and the glove didn’t melt. I was kinda shocked. To be honest I expected the glove to shrivel at least a little from the heat.
     I then thought well now I wonder about open flame so again me being me I got out the torch lighter and light it up. I put on my glove and waved my hand slowly in the middle of the flame. Once again the glove and my hand was fine. The gloves feel like a very thick rubber glove and are flexible. so how they didn’t shrink up in the heat is beyond me.
    I then used them to flip burgers on the grill and we are still fine. I washed the gloved with dish soap and a dish cloth. They still look like new.
   I did receive the heat-resistant gloves at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review. This is 100% my experience with them.
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