Mobility Universal Smart Phone Car Mount

This review is from: Mobility Universal Smart Phone Car Mount with Suction for Dashboard / Windshield – Compatible with Virtually any Smartphone Including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & More (Wireless Phone Accessory)

This is a very nice and sturdy phone dash and windshield mount. i am able to rotate it 360 degrees.

        It has a suction cup on it as big around as the base of the mount. It will hold your phone without slippage very easily. The weight of the phone doesn’t make it lose suction at all.
       It opens up very easily, however you will have to use both hands to safely put your phone in it. It has rubber on the grips so it doesn’t scratch up your phone and opens very wide. It can be used on almost and phone small or large.
        There is a lever on the back that can be open and closed to get and loosen the suction cup for mounting and unmounting the holder.
     You can use the large screw on the back of the mount to raise and lower your device or turn it side to side. The screw is large enough to where even people with arthritis or other hand issues should be able to work with ease.
    The phone mount is great for using GPS, using with MP3 enabled car radios, using speaker phone or making videos while driving.
     I can’t use it on my dash because it has a rough texture. It does stick to my sons dash with no issues what so ever because his dash has a smooth texture.
    I did receive the Mobility universal smart phone car mount at a free or reduced price for my honest and unbiased review of it. That being said these are my own thoughts and opinions of it 100%.

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