KAKA Laptop Backpack

This review is from: KAKA Laptop Backpack Computer Bag Sports Gym Bag Travel Backpack Hiking Bag Camping Bag Work Bag School Bag Book Bag College Bag Weekend Bag Fits Most 17 inch Laptops Black (Electronics)
               The Kaka backpack is a very sturdy and well made backpack. It is made for years of use. This backpack is made of durable terylene oxford fabric. It is going to take a beating and still be usable.
             It has all kinds of room in it. It has a total of 9 pockets. 1 main zipper Pocket, 2 sides mesh pockets, 3 front zip pockets, 1 laptop sleeve and 2 inner small pockets.
              It also has many uses. You could use it as a laptop Backpack, a computer Bag, a sports or gym Bag, a travel Backpack, a hiking Bag, a camping Bag, a work Bag, a school Bag, Or as a weekend Bag. It is large enough for middle school, high school or collage. The approx Dimensions are 12″ L x 22″ H x 7″W and fits up to most 17″ Laptops.
          It also has bottle holders on each side for school water bottles or hiking water bottles. This is a nice thing for school, because I don’t allow my kids to use public water fountains. There is even a strap that can be tightened to hold small bottles in place.
      The back pack is super padded to protect your laptop, tablet, cell phone or what ever you have in it. There are even padded back pads on it, padding on the shoulder straps and a stomach clip strap to keep from straining or causing stress on your neck and shoulders.
         The stitching is super thick and tight meaning it is going to hold a lot of weight and the seems are going to hold strong.
          The zipper is very thick. It zips and unzips easily every time without snagging or getting caught. The zippers are a very thick metal with a very sturdy rubber zipper pull on them.
          I did receive the Kaka backpack for free or at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased review and this is my thoughts of it 100%.
I absolutely love the I.Bag.Bar line of backpacks and bags!

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